The Ultimate Self-Reflection Question

Photo by  Andre Mouton  on  Unsplash

This question coming straight to you from at least five of my private coaching sessions last week with clients who are feeling stuck, overwhelmed, not worthy, and just plain tired.

What about you: have you ever, do you ever feel that way about your business? Your side hustle? Your big entrepreneurial dreams?

Truth: I feel all of them, even after almost 10 years of running a successful coaching and consulting practice.

In fact, I felt that way just last week wondering: Is this community really making a difference? Is there true impact and authentic connection happening? How can I manage all I need to do, be or share to make Luminary Hustle everything I'd hoped it would become?

The task felt larger than me, for someone more smart, successful, extroverted, connected, polished, engaging...the list went on and on. (You know, the way self-talk goes when you fall down the rabbit hole of resistance.)

And then, I remembered this question and asked it of myself: Am I willing to quit?

Immediately I knew the answer: No.

And in that moment of awareness, I found the courage and clarity to show up again to the mission with a renewed zeal and sense of wonder. I was reminded that I don't have to know how it's all going to shake out or have a six-month communication plan in place, I just need to know that I'm not willing to quit. From there, the next three steps will appear. And they have, they always do.

So, I wanted to share this question with you today in case you, too, find yourself splashing around in a puddle of self-doubt, wrestling with the burdens of "doing it right, having the perfect plan, knowing exactly what all that you're creating will look like."

When that happens, simply remember these five words: Are you willing to quit? If the answer is no, trust your inspiration to reveal your next three steps. If the answer is yes, then let the project go - with all the gratitude and appreciation you can muster - and be free to begin again.