3 Questions I Ask All Day, Everyday

Today, I'm so excited to share with you my three favorite questions for making life (and work) easier and more fun! The coolest thing about how this works is that you don't have to worry about the answers - they always come. And there's no right or wrong either (so perfectionists, relax ðŸ›€).


Question #1: How can this be simpler?

Truth: I've been dreading posting this blog. Why? Because I got out of practice and off my rhythm. My expectation for delivering you show-stopping content was at an all time high. Then, I asked this question and guess what? It helped me remember that I write all day long - without feeling pressure or worrying about it. Literally, all day. So why was this one so overwhelming? (Impact: 2 weeks of procrastination 🙄)

But asking this question helped me see two things: 

(1) I had made this hard with a 5-step process: draft in a Google doc, send to my VA for review, transfer to Squarespace, post a preview, then schedule to publish. Ugh, or I could just open up Squarespace and write this blog. BOOM! 

(2) As my number of website visitors grew in the last several months, I became anxious about what I would say and how it would sound.  But when I asked myself how this could be simpler, I remembered something one of our online community members Anna Bradshaw taught me: When you're writing for your business, imagine you're writing a personal note to one person. (Thanks, Anna!)

Question #2: How can this be more fun?

My answer to this question is almost always to add music. I love music. I sing in the car, the shower, and host family dance parties in the kitchen.  Yet, somehow I still forget to take 2 seconds and push play. Listening with my headphones on while getting through the not so glamorous parts of running a business makes all the difference.

What's your mood booster? A candle, your favorite yoga pants, or simply adding a little fruit to your water? Do it: ask this one right now and take swift action.

Question #3: How can I be more me?

One of my favorite principles of Luminary Hustle is the commitment to being yourself and bringing all of who you are to your business.  Probably because it's easy for me to get a little lost - in the noise of what I "should" be doing, in the land of social media perfection, and in a blur of business strategy. I know that not everyone struggles this way, but for me (a true Rebel, according to Gretchen Rubin's Four Tendencies) every action I take must be aligned with my identify. Simply put, there's no "fake it til you make it." At least not for long.

This one brings me back again, here, to this blog I'm writing you now. You see, I read a wonderful book this year,Building A Storybrand. We actually read it together in the online community. I loved every word of it and implemented most of of the strategies, even the content creation structure. It made things easy and predictable, but I lost something more valuable than easy and more important than structure - my voice, my joy of writing, and my flow. So, I decided to be less Don Miller (as brilliant and rich as I'm sure he is!) and a little more me.

I'd love to know which one of these three questions is your favorite? And what happened when you took time to ask:

  • How can this be simpler?

  • How can this be more fun?

  • How can I be more me?

Post your thoughts in the comments below or head on over to our online community and start a conversation there.

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