Uniquely designed plans for creators ready to take action.


Maybe you want to leave your corporate job to start the business you’ve been dreaming of, or perhaps you need some new life breathed into the business you hold so dear. Whatever your goals, they’re possible — but you might need help to find the clarity and action it will take to get there.

I had a much more narrow focus with my business before I met Jeannie. I’m a floral designer for weddings, and I’d always wanted to reach over into other avenues—as far as doing daily flowers or other larger projects and taking on other types of flower arranging.

Since working with Jeannie, my business has definitely grown. I’ve branched out a lot more, and I’m taking on a lot more things and other aspects of my business that I never really thought possible before. Now, I have much more of a ‘sky’s the limit’ kind of focus with my business. Jeannie has definitely changed my business just in helping me think that so much more is possible!
— sarah shell, owner fern studio

One-on-One Coaching

An individual experience for creatives, coaches, entrepreneurs and business leaders ready to take action.



Our first step is to clearly identify what you'd like to accomplish, as well as what you'd like to be done with. Then, we set our sights on your dreamy future.



Once we have a clear vision, we'll begin to take the necessary actions to transform your life and business. Together, we'll overcome barriers.



Intentional action will yield measurable and sustainable change in your life and your business. What will it feel like to achieve your biggest goals?

Coaching works best if the fit is just right. That means for both of us! So what better way to determine that than to hop on the phone for a quick chat. If you are being referred by a current or past client, please let me know when booking your appointment. *One-on-One Business Coaching begins as a three-month commitment which can be extended upon mutual agreement in six-month increments.

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Before working with Jeannie, business was very overwhelming, I thought I had to be a sales person, and I thought that it was all about making the sale, how many clients can you have, and how much money can you make … and I didn’t want it to be like that, so I was nervous coming into this new career!

Meeting with Jeannie from the get go, I realized how I can focus my business on the client and helping them, versus just feeling like I need to prove myself. Just meeting with her one hour once a month has helped taken the stressful parts of my business and helped me shave all that away, and channel down to the parts that I really love.

Now, I feel more purpose in worth, and I give more value to my client. I’ve learned a lot about making my business like what I want it to be and how to create something out of my profession—instead of just selling houses.
— Mary courtney southwick, Agent + Blogger + Pure Barre Instructor