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Hi, I’m Jeannie.

I inspire creatives and professionals just like you to switch up their strategy with ideas and systems to build profitable businesses that reflect not just what they do but, more importantly, who they are.

Why are you here?

I know, I know, it’s direct, right? But the work we’ll do together is intentional and productive—I’m here to ask you the hard questions.



"I need help establishing a learning program so that I can share my knowledge (and scale my offerings a bit for a little more white space.)"

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"I need one-on-one support to help me get clear on what I’m doing (or what I need to be doing), why I’m doing it, and how to move forward."

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It’s scary to step into your own business and not really know where to start. Having Jeannie as a guide has been amazing—she’s really just good at what she does. Jeannie can always see the positive in a situation, and has been so great about putting things in a different perspective for me, or coming and approaching things just with a new way.
— Mimi langford, real estate agent