The Real Reason to Consider Creating a Course

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If you’ve ever thought of teaching others, offering a workshop, creating an online course, or writing a guide to share what you’ve learned the hard way - I hope you’ll keep reading. In this week’s post, I’m sharing with you the why behind creating courses. You know, beyond the money and the passive revenue. Beyond the “everyone else is doing it.” Let’s get real about why now is the time for you to create a course.

But first let’s start by taking a closer look at learning. All of us have a natural inclination to learn. But what sparks our desire to learn?

When we exercise curiosity, our brain releases dopamine, a biochemical neurotransmitter. One of the side effects of dopamine is that our brain interprets that as pleasure. The result is a positive feedback loop: Curiosity => dopamine => pleasure => curiosity.
— Po Chi Wu, Ph.D., Author for Psychology Today

In a world full of natural learners, we need teachers that we can trust to guide us through a transformation with skill and grace.

I’m willing to bet you could be one of those teachers. But what if you’ve never thought of yourself as a teacher? Or maybe you would love to teach, if only you knew how?

Most of the conversation about creating courses these days is focused on marketing. How do I sell my course? What kind of course do I create to make a million dollars? How do I hook my buyer into purchasing my course with the perfect funnel?

While effectively marketing your course is an essential step in creating a profitable learning-based revenue stream, those are not the most important questions we should be asking. Instead, ask yourself:

  • What do I have to teach people that could truly make a difference in their lives?

  • What is my zone of genius, so instinctual and enjoyable that I don’t even recognize it as a strength?

  • What would I happily teach people even if they never paid me a dime?

These are the questions that lead to profitable courses that transform lives. Because when you create a course that gets results, your learners will do most of the marketing for you. Your testimonials and case studies will speak for themselves. Your belief and passion in your own course will sell it for you, saving you from feeling like a cheesy online marketer.

I see so many of my clients with profitable courses giddy about the additional income - of course! But what’s even better is the joy they feel when they realize just how many lives they transform by showing up and sharing what they know. But don’t take my word for it. Here’s what one client had to say:

I feel much more empowered and confident in what I am doing AND my ability to not only build out this course but that it will truly have an impact on a lot of people.
— Jennifer Morse, Formula for Good

This month, I’m on a mission to inspire 100 new courses in our online community, Luminary Hustle. Each morning, I’m answering questions from our member about creating courses. I also held a community class on Tuesday to lead participants through:

  • Selecting the perfect topic

  • Matching their course creation style with the best course format

  • Creating a revenue plan

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