Five Heartfelt Reasons to Share Your Genius

About ten years ago, when I was in my coaching certification program, I added my first learning-based revenue stream to my business:  a four-week online course called How to Create a Coaching Workshop. The inspiration came to me one day after hearing several women in my classes asking questions about how to design workshops and online courses to offer in addition to private coaching sessions.

With a background corporate learning and development, I was delighted by the opportunity to share what I'd learned. Within 24 hours, I'd designed the class, posted a registration page online, and received a handful of sign ups.

Since that day, I've been fascinated by the idea of learning-based revenue streams. And so have a lot of others! A recent article states that 20,000 people have uploaded courses to Udemy and over 10 million learners have opted-in. 

Of course, when any industry grows quickly, it's susceptible to challenges like early saturation and sustainable quality. The business of selling learning directly to consumers is no different. But after the get-rich-quick-with-an-online-course phase is long gone, what remains is a reliable new revenue stream to add to your mix that is learning-based.

With a background that includes instructional design and business coaching, I'm passionate about helping other heartfelt entrepreneurs look beyond money towards meaning as they sort through their reasons to consider scaling their business with a signature program.

That's why I'm so excited to share with you my top five heartfelt reasons to build an online course or group program.

You love your clients, but you need to raise your rates (and you're afraid they won't be able to afford you).

Raise your hand if you've ever kept a sliding scale JUST to know that you won't lose a handful of clients. It's not that you're afraid of losing the income per se, but you know they need you. And helping them feeds your soul. 

Whether it's a small group coaching program or a six-week online masterclass, pooling your clients together makes financial sense, not to mention the new growth opportunities they'll receive by having a supportive community around them.

You've built your dream business, but you're giving up your friends, family, and free time to have it.

Let's face it - you had to hustle to create the business of your dreams. And you LOVE the work that you're doing every day. You're not just working overtime for the money, you're also doing it because you enjoy helping people.

But you have distant memories of how much you used to enjoy running down by the river or baking cookies with the kiddos on Saturday afternoons. Or maybe every once in a while, you'd just like to spend the day curled up with a good book. Yes, launching a learning-based revenue stream will bring in more income which will create the opportunity for you to enjoy more free time (and spend it any way you'd like).

You want to reach as many people as you possibly can with your message, because each and every transformation story adds meaning to your life.

Your message, your process, your way of connecting with others inspires change - and you know it. You've seen it, and your clients tell you all the time. They say "please don't ever stop doing this work" and "I know I couldn't have done it without you." You want to touch as many lives as you possibly can.

But you are only one person.

Creating a signature program will allow you to expand your reach and raise your standards. Did you know that there are strategies to use in designing courses that actually promote the same (or better!) rates of transformation that your clients experience working with you privately?

You are the best at what you do - a luminary in your field, and you feel called to share your genius with the world.

Many times those of use who are luminaries, don't really acknowledge it or think about it too often. We certainly don't say it out loud. Maybe even reading it is too much. But if you can stay with me, please do :)

There are things you've discovered, designed, and invented that only you can share. Whether your mastery is in styling weddings or baking cakes, leading change or asking questions - if you feel inspired to share your genius, creating a signature program might be the most enjoyable and lucrative route for you.

You've got fan girls everywhere who keep Whispering to each other: "How does she do it?"

Maybe your perfect (and most profitable) course topic is just giving your raving fans a peek behind the curtain - showing them how you do what you do - that may or may not have anything to do with your business. Maybe you're a business coach who's constantly getting feedback on her wardrobe. Maybe you're a chef who's constantly asked how she designed such a beautiful menu. 

Maybe it's time to stop making them wait - and add a slightly off beat learning-based revenue stream to your existing business that would lighten things up and add a little more fun!

Want to learn more?

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