The Tools of a Legendary Teacher

Photo by  Michał Grosicki  on  Unsplash

This week, I'm learning from one of the best. I first met Frank Lee in January of 2017, and he's at first someone you might underestimate. He's quiet and doesn't take up much space in the room, but he can deliver a moment of truth that you'll never forget.

This iteration of the Leadership Style and Managerial Effectiveness his 200th time facilitating to a group of leaders from (mostly) the tech industry. Actually, there are two people in my class this week that have been through this training ten years ago and are back for round two. That's how good Frank Lee is at what he does. He's a genius.

Since last January, this is my fifth session with Frank, and each time has been enlightening in it's own way. And I'm noticing a trend that I truly appreciate: Frank is putting his spin on the classics and leading us through what works.

He's found a collection of experts like Patrick Lencioni, and he

  • takes us on a deep dive into the concepts,
  • gives us a chance to personally connect with them,
  • and then, we apply them in a team environment.

As I sit here in front of my fireplace at the Green Gables Inn in Pacific Grove, CA this morning, I can't help but wonder: "What wisdom do you have to share with the world? What's stopping you from designing and facilitating your own signature course?"

  • Have you been waiting until you write a book? No need, you can effectively leverage an existing framework for your learning.
  • Have you been waiting until after you have an office space with a big conference room to teach your courses? You don't have to wait anymore. You can teach at a beautiful little inn by the sea.
  • What are you waiting for? If you have a desire to lead others along a path of transformation, you don't need to wait anymore.

Now is the time, and I'm inviting you to apply to my 2018 mastermind program to design your signature learning course. And while you may not become the Mr. Miyagi of leadership development, you will have the opportunity to share your wisdom and change the world, one class at a time.

Apply here.