Take Stock of Your Life Lessons

A learning bio is a running reflection of the things you have learned about yourself and the world you live in and the lessons that collectively create meaning in your life and inform your experiences.

Why create a Learning Bio?

In the crevices of our greatest moment and our deepest disgrace, this is where our core life lessons hide in the shadows. Until you identify them, you’ll end up learning them again and again and again. But if you are willing to look them in the eye, call them by name and own them as yours – you can harness the power and wisdom of that lesson. In this way, you become the master of your experiences.

But will a Learning Bio change the course of my life?

It might. Here’s what happened to me: Last week, I got a job offer – part-time work with a pension and benefits doing the work that I love with people I truly enjoy. Even the way the job offer was presented to me reflected the way this organization would value the skills and strengths I would bring to the table. I knew I had a big opportunity in front of me.

As I mulled over my decision, I couldn’t stop thinking about one of the lessons I’d captured on my own learning bio: I’m no longer employable; time to go all-in with my biggest entrepreneurial dreams.

Immediately, I sent a text to my coach: “Do you have time for a laser session today?”

A week later, I turned down the job, the pension, and the benefits. But more importantly, I broke the pattern. I created a new pattern. One in which I honor the things I know that I know about who I am and what I want.

What’s the purpose of a Learning Bio?

Any and all of these lessons, these nuggets of knowledge create the fabric of you and the experience you are creating in this world. When you know what you’ve learned, when you can see it written down on paper and share it with the world, you can move on to the next bit of work that life’s got planned for you. You can walk through the world confident that whatever happens, good or bad, you are putting it to work for you. You are always learning.

Life’s a journey, just like learning.

You are not alone in life or on your learning journey. Here’s why I make my Learning Bio readily available to my clients, coworkers, family, friends and strangers:

  • To eagerly share and own the life experiences that create meaning for me
  • To demonstrate that I’m paying attention – to my life and the world around me – in an effort to create meaningful change in my life
  • To inspire hope in others that what we learned yesterday can be leveraged for a bright future

Want to create your own learning bio? Here's mine that you can use as a template.