Five Questions For Your 2018 Q3 Review

Today is the last day of the third quarter of 2018. In my journal writing session this morning, I asked myself some questions to reflect on what’s happened so far and consider what’s still left to do as the year comes to a close.

My tendency, and perhaps yours as well, is to close things out, wrap things up, and call it quits on the goals that didn’t happen this year. Though many of the ones I didn’t get to are the same goals that didn’t happen for the last three years.

So, I have to wonder: Do I really want this? What’s keeping me from making it happen?

I’ve challenged myself to look at this quarter as one of deep focus and letting go. I’m choosing one goal that I’ve had for a long time and diving into what it will take to create a minimum viable product by the end of the year.

And, I’m looking at a couple of goals and realizing that I either don’t want to achieve them anymore or they were never really mine (just something I picked up as a “should” along the way).

If you’re ready to reflect on what’s happened so far and what’s left to accomplish in 2018, I’ve put together five questions for you to consider:

#1 What’s happened so far this year that you are most proud of?

Maybe this is related to a goal you set for this year, or maybe it’s a wonderful surprise accomplishment that you could have easily missed - either way, write it down and congratulate yourself.

#2 What was on your original goal list for 2018 that you’ve already accomplished?

This may or may not reflect your answers to question #1. If they do, write them down again because it’s a big deal to meet your goals BEFORE the end of the year. Yes!

#3 What’s left on your list for 2018?

If you have goals left on your list for 2018, ask yourself if it’s too late to accomplish them and whether or not they are still important to you. If they are no longer important, let them go with grace. If your heart still beats with more purpose when you read them, determine what steps you can take to move them forward in the next 90 days.

#4 What’s on the horizon for 2019?

I’m not talking about doing a full strategy or planning session here, simply think of three big things that you hope 2019 holds for you. Jot them down.

#5 How can you set yourself up for the big three of 2019 in the next 90 days?

For example, if you’re planning to launch a new course in the new year, how can you start creating or gathering your content for it now? If you’re planning to launch a side hustle or a consulting business, what groundwork can you put in place now to give it a boost come January?

I hope that these questions help you determine a direction and focus for the next 90 days. As always, if you have questions or feel stuck, hop on my calendar for a free laser session.

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