Fitness for Your Business

Photo by  Jacob Postuma  on  Unsplash

Photo by Jacob Postuma on Unsplash

Last year, I started going to Barre3. I LOVE Barre3! Here are five reasons why:

  1. All I have to do is find enough discipline to show up.
  2. If I show up at least three times a week, I will see results.
  3. I have the flexibility to adapt each move to my own fitness level.
  4. For the one hour I’m there, I’m completely focused on cultivating a relationship with my body.
  5. I leave each and every workout feeling refreshed and accomplished.

Then one day last spring, I was lamenting my lack of attention to the business development aspects of my consulting practice when a question popped in my head:

What if there was a workout for my business?

Six months later, I facilitated my first Seven60 workout today with a group of six clients! For one hour we cleared space in our heads, created content, and connected with clients and prospects.

I actually wrote this post while facilitating our session today!

This idea of business fitness is new. And it’s a work in progress that will change and grow over time.

Join us for a workout if you're interested in: 

  • making consistent progress in your business
  • leveraging structure and community to keep you motivated
  • willing to carve out 60 minutes to focus on growing your business

Here’s what a few of today’s participant’s had to say:

“Great experience! Can we do it 1x/day please? Maybe 2x/day?”
“I loved this business boot camp! Felt under pressure, but in a good way.”
“I should do this at least everyday!”
Loved it! Very helpful + productive!”

The workout changes each week, and you can take part in it in person or through video conference.

Are you interested in joining our workouts live in Columbia, SC or online? Sign up here and we’ll send you the schedule for next week week.

If you've got questions about what to expect from your first workout, listen in to my Q+A session with a first time participant before the big day.

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Here’s to fitness for your business!