Five Ways to Delight Your Learners

Photo by  Hannah Olinger  on  Unsplash

You finally followed your business coach’s advice to launch and sell the course you've been talking about for years. And guess what? It worked. Not that you ever doubted her, but it just seems too good to be true doesn't it? Making money off of teaching others what you know so well that you could almost do it in your sleep.

To your delight (and ever-so-slight dismay), you now have cash in the bank (delight) and a promise to keep (dismay).

With clients ready and waiting to learn from you, it’s time to put a system in place that allows you to lead them through the transformation you know is possible.

But where do you start? How do you get this program up and running before your learners lose interest - and faith in that you can get them to where they want to be?How do you reassure them that they have invested their money in the right place to achieve their big goals?

Follow these five steps to launch to your learners' delight, confident they came to the right place to make big changes in their lives.

Step 2: Start a community.

One of the first things you can do to reassure participants that they have made a great decision investing in your program is to give them a home base. This is your community. I recommend selecting a social networking platform that won't require a separate login just to participate.

Step 2: Show them around.

Create an overview map of your program. Think of this as the map at the mall that says "You Are Here" next to the big red dot. This visual cue will allow your learners to see the expanse of the experience they are about to embark on. Also, they'll enter a visionary mindset which will prep them for their next step.

Step 3: Ask about their goals.

Now that your learners are primed with an overview of your learning program, give them the opportunity to reconnect with why they've chosen to take this journey with you now. Create a questionnaire in your favorite survey tool that asks them about their goals. Here are five key questions to include:

  1. Why have you decided that NOW is the best time to make this change?
  2. What will be possible in your life or business after you've completed this transformation?
  3. What barriers do you foresee that could keep you from accomplishing your goals?
  4. How will you know when you've succeeded?
  5. What will success feel like?

Set up your form so that the answers go to both you and the participant. And don't forget to ask learners to identify themselves so you can check in on these goals later in the program.

Step 4: Break down the barriers.

Most often, your learners are going to tell you that their biggest barriers include having enough time, managing priorities, and being able to focus on their assignments. Design your own quick start guide (less than three pages) with tips about time blocking, setting priorities, and creating accountability.

This will assure them that you are completely committed to their success in the program. Deliver this quick start guide as a response to completing their survey.

Step 5: Show some appreciation.

Once you've got your community started, your overview map, a survey about goals, and a quick start guide - it's time to pull them all together. This will require you adding a thank you page to your sales sequence.

Once your learner has clicked the last *Register Now* button and the enrollment is official - redirect her to a custom thank you page. Here are some ideas of what to include there:

  • A thank you video expressing your genuine delight to have her in your program and recognizing her for investing in herself by signing up.
  • An invitation to join the private course community. Let her know that once she joins, she'll have access to the program overview and be greeted by new friends.

Would you like to get a copy of these steps in a simple 2-page checklist? You're in luck! I made one just for you.


What other strategies do you use to delight your learners? Post them in the comments below!