How To Write Copy That's True to You

Photo by  Anita Austvika  on  Unsplash

Last week, I had the opportunity to sit down with awesome copywriter (and new friend) Anna Bradshaw. Anna is a freelance copywriter based in sunny California, where she loves eating ice cream and spending the days exploring with her husband. But long ago, before these two loves, Anna was daydreaming.

Anna used to spend her days as a kid reading descriptions in her mom’s catalogs and wondering, “who wrote this?”

(Tip: If you are trying to identify which of your talents to monetize, take a trip back to childhood and remember what fascinated you as a kid.)

I always love learning how people like Anna got started in their freelance careers, and her journey took a familiar (and strategic) path. She honed her skills with some classes and books, offered her services on Upwork for some helpful validation and to get that first paid gig, then reached out to some friends who were also ideal clients to build her portfolio!

(Another Tip: If you are looking to transform your professional skills into paying gigs, this is an effective model!)

My goal today is to share with you how the tools I learned from Anna have already had an impact on my business! Below, I’m recapping three techniques I learned from Anna that will help you transition your professional or academic writing into authentic and effective marketing copy.

Copywriting Includes a Call to Action

I collected questions from our online community to prep for my interview with Anna, and one of the most frequently asked questions was “What is the difference between professional or academic writing and copywriting?”

The answer is in the call to action. A call to action is a clear next step that is included in all marketing copy that guides your readers to take the next step in their journey with you. And, I believe that this is one of the MOST uncomfortable steps for those of us who are our businesses! Because when your business is based on who you are, this can feel like a really vulnerable step.

Which is why it’s helpful to keep this in mind…

You Are Not Selling, You Are Solving Problems

When Anna shared this with me, it was definitely a light bulb moment! I believe that one of the reasons we hide in our businesses is because we are afraid of selling, or afraid of being “that online marketer” who seems cheesy, sleazy, and as if they don’t really care about their customers.

What Anna brought me back to was this: If you focus your copy on solving a problem for your client - whether that is through a product, a service, or teaching them something new - you won’t ever come across as salesy. You’ll come across as helpful. And, isn’t that the point of it all? Yes, the revenue is great, but money without meaning is just, well, not you.

Which is why you really need to get clear on your USP…

Be Confident In Your Unique Selling Proposition

Whether you are a coach, a copywriter, a graphic designer, or an artist - you have something to offer that your competitor doesn’t. That something is you. When your business is built on who you are, there is no competition.

But if you’re not willing to bring all of you to your business, it can seem (both to you and your potential customer) that you are just like everyone else. Are you bringing all of you to your business? Do you need some help sorting out your USP? If so, check out Anna’s Brand Flavor quiz. Your results will include a list of words to use in your copy to describe your unique approach to your business.

If these tips are helpful, you may want to listen to the full interview below, because there are many more, including: the rule of one, how to use conversational language in your copy, and several brands whose copy we are loving right now.

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