A Picture + A Paragraph


In a coaching session this week, one of my clients was struggling with his blog. He's excited about the idea of the blog, but it's the actual writing and posting to the blog that is keeping him from creating. Somewhere along the way, he'd decided that blogs required a lot of work, tons of words, and hours in front of his computer (a place he'd rather not be). Then, we had an idea.

What if all a blog post requires is a picture and a paragraph?

We both got pretty excited about this possibility. And so I decided to try it out today. 

Though this is only one picture, it's clearly more than a paragraph. What's interesting though, is that I would have never even attempted to write and post a blog today if I hadn't already committed to a minimum viable product of a picture and a paragraph.

So, here it is. A picture of my office this morning. I'm in Charleston for a class today and this weekend. The weather is ridiculously amazing - 80's all weekend. In Charleston, SC. That's completely unheard of! I'll take a few conference calls on this beautiful outdoor patio before heading off to training this afternoon. 

What would it take, for you to sit down with your blog today, knowing all that's required is a picture and a paragraph? 

Here's a list of what you might accomplish for your readers with only a picture and a paragraph:

  • Share a new tool that makes your life easier
  • Inspire your readers with a new idea or adventure
  • Ask a question to start an online conversation
  • Review a book that changed your life in some way
  • Surprise yourself by writing a lengthy blog post with a call to action that you'd never have started if you thought you'd need more than a picture and a paragraph (exactly what happened to me today)

Will you give it a try? Post a link to your Picture + Paragraph posts below. I'd love to read them!