Leverage Learning to Grow Your Biz


Coaches worldwide grow their businesses by offering workshops to prospective and current clients that truly create change.

The Challenge

Coaches are natural teachers, but designing workshops doesn’t always come naturally. During my enrollment at International Coach Academy, one of the most frequently asked questions I heard: “How do I create a workshop to promote my coaching practice?”

The Solution

The Create a Coaching Workshop series teaches coaches in all areas of expertise how to design engaging learning experiences. When offered as workshops, potential and existing clients have the opportunity to benefit from a small group environment and a lower price point. Once created, workshops become a turn-key revenue stream and authentic business development effort.

Why it worked

The Create a Coaching Workshop program worked because it provided an opportunity for participants to take their own individual expertise and create meaningful learning opportunities for others while benefiting from the support of a coach and a peer group. In a small group setting, these coaches are supported in taking immediate action and gaining immediate feedback on exercises and learning activities. With newfound knowledge of adult learning principles, access to tools and templates, and the positive direction from their peer group – they became unstoppable!

One participant, Christina Ambubuyog, launched her designed program to ignite your intuition.

Kind Words from Clients...

Jeannie Sullivan is an expert in adult education, has been offering to her fellow students a truly powerful course on how to develop workshops. I believe she has already led about 3 courses among us in how to lead a workshop. Her skills in group coaching, leading workshops and running tele-seminars are unparalleled by any I have yet seen among the halls of ICA.

In 6 weeks’ time, she brought a group of us through an experience in which we knew, because we actually did it on and off the calls, that we were competent to lead workshops in person or using distance and electronic technologies.

Jeannie’s course was transformational for me. I led my first weekend workshop last weekend and am in the thick of processing the implications that has for me as a learning leader. Not only did I learn the techniques and skills needed to lead a powerful workshop, I was able to really believe and feel in my gut that I am made to be a leader.

Jeannie went out on a limb to bring herself to a new level of leadership among us. Her expertise will be of great value for all of us who choose to take advantage of that.
— Christi Byerly

Jeannie is such an amazing and knowledgeable coach! She really has an amazing skill set when it comes to Instructional Design and creating powerful and purpose driven workshops. Even though I had taught several workshops before I started working with her, I had so many new ideas for workshops I wanted to create but didn’t feel like I had enough information to formulate them. Plus I knew that my current workshops could be so much more effective yet was unsure of how to make them better besides learning from trial and error. So I found myself putting off these new ideas feeling unclear on how to move forward.

Now that I have worked with Jeannie and participated in her priceless Creating a Coaching Workshop program, I have truly learned important tools and techniques to help me design transformative, sophisticated and professional workshops. I can now say that the ideas I had swimming in my head have been implemented with her format that is step by step and easy to follow and I’ve got a fantastic workshop I feel confident and proud to teach. Plus the ongoing and warm hearted support of Jeannie and her enthusiasm aided in my growth and learning tremendously.

I am so grateful for being able to work with Jeannie! Because of her, I am adding more value to my current workshops, while creating new ones effortlessly and with certainty that I know will lead to further growth and expansion of my business. Thank you so much Jeannie! You have exactly what individuals need to take their wisdom and share it with the world in the form of workshops! I encourage you to dive right into the experience and if you’d like to directly contact me with any questions about the value of what I have received, feel free to contact me.
— Christina Ambubuyog