With the right tools, any task is within reach.


How often have you had an idea for your business and immediately thought to yourself, “well, I'd love to, but how?”

Let’s get you the tools and resources that can help you build a business that lights you up!


Find Your Course Creation Style

When you design a learning-based revenue stream, it should be one that you have fun creating and can't wait to facilitate! And yet, many of the professional creators I meet assume that creating an online course with a ton of online video if the "best" way to go. But what if you are more of a Workshop Wonder or a Mixed Media Maven?


Scale Your Business

You did it! Now that you've created a business you love with a full client roster, you're beginning to wonder what's next? As your business grows, so does your family. And time is quickly becoming a scarcity. Why not explore ways to add to your revenue mix with by creating a course? Download this workbook that will show you exactly how to break free of the one-on-one client trap.


Join Our Community

Join our free online community where like-minded women gather to swap stories, find inspiration, and hone their skills. We call it Luminary Hustle: where meaning meets money, creativity inspires commerce, and being yourself brings in big bucks. All you need is yourself, a laptop, and a desire to change in the world.

Jeannie is a natural coach, and one that is clearly an advocate, cheerleader, and key supporter of her clients. She has this lovely way of providing useful feedback that made me feel as though I was not far from my goal and knew how to reach it with her insight.
— Polly Dithmer, Coach + founder
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