With the right tools, any task is within reach.


How often have you had an idea for your business and immediately thought to yourself, “well, I'd love to, but how?”

Let’s get you the tools and resources that can help you build a business that lights you up!


Tame Technology

The land of course creation is filled with tools and technology! Almost daily, we have the temptation to get distracted by the latest graphic design tool or email marketing platform. After trying out hundreds of solutions over the years, I’ve committed to a set of 10 tools that I use daily in my business.


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Jeannie is a natural coach, and one that is clearly an advocate, cheerleader, and key supporter of her clients. She has this lovely way of providing useful feedback that made me feel as though I was not far from my goal and knew how to reach it with her insight.
— Polly Dithmer, Coach + founder
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