From the fullness of the heart, the mouth speaks.

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The subjects most dear to my heart—apart from the obvious {family and chocolate chip cookies}—are the ones that empower professional, creative women to make the best choices for thriving, prosperous and growing endeavors.


Signature Talks

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Prosper: Design a New Revenue Stream

Are you a creative entrepreneur who is interested in adding a revenue stream to your current business? Have you been dreaming of offering a product or service that compliments your existing business model? If so, I invite you to take part in Prosper, a hand-on workshop for designing a revenue stream.


Thrive: Conquer Chaos in Your Life + Biz

Are you constantly trying new ways to streamline work and family, only to end up feeling defeated? Have you started to believe that work-life balance is a myth? Do you ever wonder why "having it all" is so hard? Whether or not "having it all" is a fairy tale, you can make time for what matters most in your life by finding and using the best systems for you - your work style, your personality, and your strengths.


Lucrative Learning: Teach Your Craft

Whether you’re just getting started or consider yourself the expert, offering education is a fun and profitable way to grow your business.  If you are just getting started, a learning product can help establish your expertise and create a predictable revenue stream. As an established creative business owner, a signature course or mastermind allows you to push past the “fee-per-hour” trap. 


Since starting coaching, I am growing my business and leveraging creative ways to expand my sphere of influence. I also have noticed an increase in productivity after receiving helpful organization tips.
— Lauren Bookout, Agent