The Course Retreat

Charleston, SC | November 6-8, 2019


What do all profitable course creators have in common?

A completed course. Every single one of my clients who has actually completed her course is making money through her program. Again and again, I see aspiring course creators getting stalled in the process, so I set out to create a program that would provide everything you need to succeed in packaging and selling your unique genius. Yes, every single thing you need.

I can help you make a profit and keep your promise.

The Course Retreat is an immersion program designed specifically to bring your course to completion, achieve profitability within 90 days, and earn ongoing six-figure annual revenues. (All while keeping your promise to truly transform lives!)


The Course Retreat philosophy is simple:


Build the right course using your unique course creation style to design a course you love to facilitate.

Make a profit by creating and following a customized learning-based business plan.

Keep your promise by applying instructional design principles to ensure transformation.

Every aspect of this program is designed around these three fundamentals so that you create a profitable course that gets real results.


Why the Course Retreat?

I’m not here to sell you on the Course Retreat. You’re a business owner who makes decisions all the time.
And the question you are already asking yourself is this one:

“How much time and money will this take, and what will I get back in return?”


Your total commitment. Creating a profitable learning program that brings in significant revenue is a big project. I’ve done it. And I’ve built hundreds of programs for others. It requires clarity, courage, creativity, and constant action toward your goal.

A time investment. No one knows what you know. And no one can say it the way that you can. I’ll help you design a strategy and create a framework for your learning program. But you are the only one who can fill your course with your genius. Once built, your program will yield enlightenment and revenue for years to come.

A financial investment. This program is not cheap, but if you do the work, you’ll be set to earn more than ten times your investment while your’re in the program. I’m committed to a 100% success rate for all who enroll in the program and will hold you accountable every step of the way.


A plan for profitability. During your first two weeks in the program, we’ll have a 90-minute strategy session to distill your genius and map out a strategy for your signature learning program.

A luxury course design retreat. Attend an in-person, three-day design retreat to create your program. You’ll join me and three other women in the program in Charleston, SC at The Restoration for a luxurious, productive week of great food, wonderful company, and abundance. You’ll leave with a completed course.

Ongoing coaching and collaboration. We’ll meet up monthly for 50-minute individual strategy session until your reach profitability. For a year following your retreat date, you’ll be part of a community of course creators with frequent opportunities for group coaching, implementation calls, and ongoing support.

A best-in-class program. You’ll get exclusive access to instructional design secrets that your entrepreneurial peers have never heard of. I’m going to teach you exactly how to inspire change in your learners with my proprietary framework that culminates over 20 years of design experience.

A six-figure recurring revenue stream, that will keep giving back to you for many years to come.

If that doesn’t feel like a fit, no problem. But if you think the benefits seem worth the investment, you can learn more about the application process below. 



You want to connect with other coaches, creators, and entrepreneurs who are as committed to learner transformation and increased revenues as you are.

You are willing to invest your time, money, and personal genius to design a learning-based revenue stream that will provide learner transformation and increased revenues for years to come.

You are committed to charging a fee for your learning program that truly reflects the value of your genius and your learners’ results.

You’re willing to achieve profitability with your course within 90 days of attending the retreat.

You want to earn more money, enjoy more time, and enlighten more people but you have no clear plan how to accomplish the goal.


You think you may want to create a course, but you’re not committed to it as a significant revenue stream. (Don’t worry, I have another program launching soon that will help you get there. But this isn’t it.)

You’ve invested in other programs before and you didn’t do the work, show up for the coaching, or engage with the other participants. I am committed to a 100% success rate and that means you must be as well.

You aren’t willing to charge a price for your programs that aligns to the real value of your genius and the transformation it creates for your clients.


Hi, I’m Jeannie.

I’m on a mission to transform the industry of open-market education by teaching entrepreneurs, coaches, and creators how to design learning that truly transforms lives. When a course changes lives, it will most definitely make a profit.

I first fell in love with adult learning back in 1996 when I got my first job teaching support analysts how to write technical documentation for a new online knowledge base. What I quickly recognized was that these analysts knew how to write, but they were afraid that if they shared all that was in their heads, their jobs would go away. So, I switched up the training to overcome their fears. Within three months, our knowledge base was created.

After that experience, I knew I would spend the rest of my life encouraging other people to change theirs. As a coach and a learning designer, that’s what I’ve done ever since. For the last ten years, I’ve been teaching experts and creators how to package their genius into courses.