MVP is a four-week online program designed to guide you from "lofty business idea" to your first product or service offering - otherwise know as your minimum viable product (MVP).

In just four weeks, you can either still be dreaming about a business you'll never start or you could be bringing in cash from your first sale by completing MVP.




In just four weeks, we'll work together to:

  • Structure your business around your strengths, your interests, and the change you want to create for your customers.
  • Identify at least five different ways to launch your business idea.
  • Break free from the “money is a dirty word” trap that most of us encounter when we try to match what we love to do with a business.
  • Identify your own resistance to creating your MVP and define a strategy to work through the resistance when it shows up (as it always does).
  • Identify the best online or physical location for your business.
  • Create a landing page to advertise your first product or service offering.
  • Choose the best revenue model for launching your minimum viable product.
  • Decide on a pricing model by running the numbers and set financial goals for your business.
  • Create an action plan for 90 days to continue growing your business.
  • Create your online presence using free, professional tools.
I tried to start my own consultancy in 2010 and had floundered since that time. Since completing the program, I feel a renewed sense of confidence and excitement, like I can really make this work.
— Jennifer Jensen |
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During the first week, we’ll focus on helping you identify a structure for your business.

Here’s what we’ll accomplish in Week 1:

  • Identify at least potential structures for building a business you actually enjoy working within

  • Brainstorm at least five different business models that would support the idea you want to bring to the world
  • Learn how to trust yourself to identify the one that will be most enjoyable and profitable for you (and your customers)
  • Create a vision of your business, exploring the impact of the service or product on your own life and the lives of your customers

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It's time to explore models to find the one that fits your business best. One that allows you to provide a service that fulfills you, reach clients who need what you're offering, and make money doing it!

Here’s what we’ll accomplish in Week 2:

  • Break free from the “money is a dirty word” trap that stops us when we try to match our strengths to business

  • Choose from one of three different types of business models that best meets  your goals
  • Discuss the basics pricing models and fees for services
  • Identify your own resistance to creating your business and define a strategy to create in spite of it
  • Enhance the vision of your business and your minimum viable product
I knew after my first meeting with Jeannie, that she would be helpful for me and my business’ growth. Thanks to this program, I have the ability to see more clearly where I want my business to go. Jeannie was encouraging, supportive, and helped me enormously. I’ve met so many business goals, but I know there is so much more yet to come.
— Courtney Rohan | Yoga Instructor
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Is MVP right for you?


Some of us were born entrepreneurs while others of us found our way to an entrepreneurial vision only after living a little and learning a lot (or vice versa). You’ll know that this program is for you if you find yourself:

  • Wishing for more meaningful or fulfilling work
  • Longing to give back to those who are now walking in the shoes you used to wear – survivors of all types of experiences often find themselves here
  • Talking yourself out of business ideas because “that would never work”
  • Believing in your business idea, but struggle to find the support and enthusiasm from your well-meaning, but risk-averse family and friends
  •  Daydreaming about owning your own business one day
  • Thirsting for ways to re-imagine your existing business into a more fulfilling one
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One of the biggest points of resistance to launching your business is going public. But here the deal, you’ll never have a single customer if you don’t let them know you exist. The good news is that you are in this program with lots of other people just like you – harnessing their courage to take the next step. 

Here’s what we’ll accomplish in week 3:

  • Brainstorm the places (physical or online) where your potential customers hang out and make a plan be there

  • Find out why blogging is not a selfish or self-serving thing to do as a business owner
  • Discuss the difference between marketing and relationship building
  • Learn about three easy, breezy ways to create an online presence today
  • Create a marketing piece or sales page to represent your minimum viable product

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Week four is all about setting your financial goals – and feeling great about it! This week we're talking about options for revenue streams, how to price your services, how to leverage workshops as a way to let others know about your business (and gain clients). By the end of this session, you’ll have a realistic plan for bringing home the bacon.

Here’s what we’ll accomplish in week 4:

  • Learn about the different types of revenue streams available for your business model

  • Identify which types of revenue streams are ideal for your business
  • Look for the most accessible means to revenue right now (which may be different from your ideal)
  • Explore pricing models and run the numbers
  • Set your financial goals for your business and minimum viable product launch

Coaching +


The cost of the program is $295 and includes:

  • Four hours of live group coaching on entrepreneurial business strategy
  • Lifetime access to live session video and audio recordings
  • MVP Toolkit that includes guidance on business models, revenue streams, pricing strategies, and marketing plans.
  • Customized 90-day action plan to continue growing your business
  • Access to a private online community with access to pop-up coaching sessions and live Q+A on business strategy
  • Participation in the an online Open Market to launch your MVP and create fans

About Jeannie

Jeannie is an entrepreneur, strategist, and coach whose expertise in learning, passion for adventure, and endless optimism inspires clients and classrooms with a sense of possibility. Jeannie believes that there is a learner and a teacher in all of us if we are willing to distill our genius for the sake of transformation.

In 2010, Jeannie left her corporate gig to launch a coaching and consulting practice in Columbia, South Carolina where she lives with her two teenage sons and labradoodle. Her corporate clients include a long list of Fortune 500 companies, as well as creative entrepreneurs, fellow coaches, and professional consultants.