You want to add a new money source to your life and business, but not just ANY revenue stream.

One that allows you to leverage your creativity.

One that gives back to you and to others in a meaningful way.

One that accentuates who you are and how you work.

If you don't know where to start, what to focus on, or how this is even possible - then you are probably feeling stuck, procrastinating, or maybe even starting to believing that multiple revenue streams are for other people, but not  you.

Let me show you how to get from where you are now to where you want to be.


September 27, 2018


Luminary Hustle LIVE is a one-day intensive for women who want to know exactly how to create a revenue mix celebrates their creativity, inspires others in meaningful ways, and yields a profitability they've never known before.

It's a LIVE workshop that I'm hosting in Columbia, SC. You'll spend the entire day with me and a group of other women who are committed to finding and thriving  in their point of authentic earning - where creativity inspires commerce, meaning meets money, and being yourself brings in the big bucks.

You'll take a deep dive into designing, planning, and launching a new revenue stream before 2018 wraps. I'm committed to giving you the strategy, tools, and courage you need to design a life and a business that lights you up.


This event is for right-brained women who are ready to create commerce on their own terms.




At Luminary Hustle LIVE, I'll teach you the strategies that I've shared with my private coaching clients over the last 8 years. My clients have leveraged these exact techniques to start and grow new businesses, envision and land new careers, and finally figure out how to design and create a life experience that celebrates who they are and what they believe in.

Luminary Hustle Framework


Earn Your Worth

Create a revenue mix based on your unique abilities and manage your money mindset

Express Yourself

Design your days to reflect your work style and create time for sharing and creativity

Engage Your Ethos

Make a difference along with a dollar and find ways to inspire others by being yourself



We'll start off the day by going through the Luminary Hustle Framework and giving you a chance to reflect on where you are and where you'd like to be when it comes to earning your worth, doing meaningful work, and expressing  yourself.

By the time we wrap up this topic, you'll know where to focus to create a life and business that lights you up!


Now that you know where you'd like to focus, we are going to create your own customized revenue wheel. We'll look at both your current and your idea revenue scenarios and identify the gaps. You'll be amazed at the clarity you gain from going through this exercise.

You'll have a visual map of how your bringing money in, the opportunities to bring in even more, and your personal motivations behind each revenue stream.


By this time in the day, it's time to get dreamy about how you're going to fill your revenue gap. You're going to envision or expand upon a product, service, or program that is both profitable and scalable.

But that's not all - this money maker will also be an expression of you and the change you want to create in the world.


After lunch, we'll give your brains a break and do a little creative cross-training. I'm bringing in a guest artist to lead you though a hands on project. This will give your big, money-making ideas a chance to incubate in your left-brain while we engage and activate our right-brains on a totally different task.

Expect and prepare to take a masterpiece home with you :)


By now, you'll be ready to look at your product, service, or program with a set of fresh eyes. You'll focus on adding details and differentiation (your unique abilities) to this offering and we'll run some revenue projections to make it real. 

Then, we'll go deep into planning. I'll show  you my favorite tool for keeping my monkey brain focused on essential, revenue-generating tasks throughout the week. You'll learn how to frame your goals into a daily practice that integrates your personal accountability style.


It's time to wrap up and celebrate! We'll have a little bubbly on the back porch, spend time reflecting on the day, and make some public commitments to moving our projects forward. 

You'll have made new friends, be brimming with inspiration, and excited to see your new revenue stream come to life!

Your Facilitator

Jeannie Sullivan is the founder of Luminary Hustle, a framework designed for women who are ready to achieve their point of authentic earning by creating businesses that align with who they are.

With over 20 years of experience designing courses for Fortune 500 corporations, Jeannie's excited to share her expertise with professionals, coaches, and creatives to help them create a revenue mix to scale the businesses they already love.

Learn more here: jeanniesullivan.com/about