Meet Jennifer Jensen

Jennifer wasn’t sure if she was ready for a program like Bliss. She wasn’t even sure how she could benefit from this type of program. Jennifer thought she needed to have more answers about the future of her business before she started the program, but she quickly learned that her assumption was wrong. According to Jennifer, the program was “exactly what I needed to FIND focus and direction."

With hesitation, Jennifer signed up for Bliss because she knew she needed help with her business and as she said, “the price was right!” She has officially completed the program and found it to be a “champion for her success."

Since completing Bliss, Jennifer has become more efficient in developing all aspects of her business. Starting out, she couldn’t nail down the focus of her business. Through the program, she learned how to coincide multiple focuses within her business rather than simplifying her market to one individual concentration. Jennifer quickly shifted her mindset and realized that her initial business offerings could be more than one thing, as her area of expertise was much greater than just one offering.

Jennifer began the Bliss program feeling overwhelmed and unsure about the path for her business. Going through the program helped her to establish clarity and become less overwhelmed. She gained confidence in herself and her business, ultimately being able to guide her company towards success.

“I feel a renewed sense of confidence and excitement, like I can really make this work. I’m so incredibly excited and grateful!”
— Jennifer Jensen

Jennifer’s Communications Consulting business, where she works with businesses and media partners helping them engage their clients and customers is now up and running. You can connect with her via her website that she’s even re-branded and relaunched since completing the Bliss program!

Jennifer Jensen,