Create Your Signature Course

Scale your business with a group program


The Program

Create Your Signature Course gives you the tools you need to create a course that delivers on your promise of transformation and achieves maximum profitability.


Module 1: Foundation

Every profitable project begins with a solid business plan. You'll create a Learning-Based Business Plan that includes your transformation target, your revenue goals, and your perfect course topic.

  • Create Your Learning-Based Business Plan

  • Design Your Course Canvas

  • Build a Course You’ll Love to Teach


Module 2: Distill Your Genius

I'll show you how to distill your genius into your signature process - which will become a roadmap for your course development.

  • Define your signature process

  • Determine 5-7 actionable steps within each stage of your process

  • Curate existing content in your business


Module 3: Engage Learners

We’re going to dive into the content of your course. You’ll learn how to engage your learner in the learning process using the tools of discovery, reflection and reciprocity.

  • Identify the ideal amount of information to share with learners

  • Learn and apply three tools for engaging learners

  • Design instructional sequences for each of your course topics


Module 4: How to Transform

We’ll talk about how to design activities to support true learning for your participants. You’ll learn how to create a customized evaluation that fosters learner confidence and measures your program success.

  • Design a course evaluation to measure learner transformation

  • Create authentic accountability within your program

  • Learn how to give and receive feedback gracefully


Module 5: Signature Experience

Once a learner signs up for your class, you want them to be delighted right away and feel great about their decision to invest in your program (and themselves). 

  • Create a customized onramp to welcome participants

  • Design materials that are beautiful and useful to your learner

  • Leverage technology to foster learner collaboration


Module 6: Intentional Marketing

Now, we’re creating your registration process for your course. This includes pricing and process, but also designing an exceptional experience that feels great to you and to your learners.

  • Design your course preview and invitation process

  • Create a thank you page and welcome email

  • Design a gathering spot for your course community



Before working with me, Jessica needed to find a way to spend more time with her little ones without losing income.

After working with me, Jessica earns money selling her self-directed course online while she's at the park with her kiddos!


How It Works

Create Your Signature Course is for right-brained, smart women who are not afraid to take action on their big ideas.
This program guides you through three simple steps: designing your course, facilitating a preview, then packaging and polishing for future learners.


Design Your Course

Together we'll define your course topic, sketch out  your signature process, and design a curriculum that delivers on your promise.


Facilitate a Pilot

You'll bring together a small group of paying learners, facilitate your course, record your content, and get testimonials. 


Package + Polish

You've proven your design and earned revenue from  your course. Now we'll launch a sales process to fill your program.


What You’ll Get

It’s called your signature program for a reason - it’s unique to you.
That’s why Create Your Signature Course is based on a foundation of six key modules, yet tailored to your unique creation style through a series of individual and group learning opportunities. Here’s what you’ll get as a Create Your Signature Course participant:

  1. Access to our exclusive online community.

  2. A private Quick Start call to get your project started right away.

  3. Six online training modules to guide your content creation and marketing strategy.

  4. Personalized, video feedback on your program outline.

  5. A private Pilot Planning call to design your technology landscape.

  6. Six live, group coaching calls within 90 days of joining the program.

  7. A private Lucrative Launch call to polish your final content + create your marketing strategy.

100% of my clients who finish + launch their programs are profitable.


Meet your teacher

Hi, I’m Jeannie!

In case we haven't met before, let me tell you a little bit about my passion for helping professionals, coaches and creatives align who they are with how they make money.

After spending over 14 years designing training programs for Fortune 500 companies, I started my own coaching practice in 2010.

Now, I'm bringing my worlds together (business coaching + instructional design) to teach you exactly how to create a profitable course that incorporates your strengths, style, and passion while delivering on your promise.

I live in Columbia, SC with my teenage sons, Sully and Rollins, and big, furry labradoodle, Poe. When I'm not working, you'll find me paddle boarding on Lake Murray or holding power leg at the Barre 3 studio down the street.