Working with Jeannie is always fun and engaging. Her enthusiasm is contagious to a team. She knows how to equip the organization and its leaders in order to create change.
— Mitch Smith | Founder,
Jeannie listened to us, and because she took the time to understand the unique context from which our best work was born, she left us with a language and a process we are still using.
— amos disasa | co-pastor,

Strategic Partnerships

Each of these organizations is disrupting their industry with innovation and original leadership.

Jeannie is a master coach in online education. She has great ideas for creating interactive online group exercises. She offers extremely helpful advice and is always patient.
— sunny lurie | founder,
Every session with Jeannie makes me a better leader. With her help, Iā€™m able to see a larger picture and identify my blind spots by asking good, hard questions.
— dawn hyde | co-pastor,