You're a genius, you know.

Our personal experiences, unique knowledge, skill set, and talents combine to make us our own form of genius. The world needs you—but often times in business, it can feel like the world needs too much of you.

For many entrepreneurs and creatives, the lightbulb moment came when they realized they could actually make themselves more accessible by stepping back from client work and stepping into education.

Luminaries Mastermind

A ten-month program for professional creators to convert their genius into a sustainable and profitable learning-based revenue stream that will equip and empower your ideal client - while giving you the space and freedom you need to shine.

Earn your worth

Luminaries are influencers - the ones who inspire us to expand our lives, experience more beauty, and seek out pockets of joy in the world. And for this, you should be paid in gold.

Unleash your creativity

Luminaries are creators - exquisite experiences, beautiful designs, perfectly positioned questions, words that leave readers unraveled. Now let's design a life and living so grand.

Engage your ethos

Luminaries are rebels - paving their own paths, refusing to choose because wonder is too often wedged between creating your masterpiece and reading bedtime stories.


The Program


Own Your Brilliance

Yes, you are brilliant. You've created a successful business, and along the way you've learned how to effectively manage almost every aspect of it. But now, you're beginning to think that having a team would make life a little,well...easier.

Just because you can do it all, does that mean that you should?

Now is the time to step into the spotlight you've earned, to gather a team of like-minded creators around you to execute on your vision. The Luminaries Mastermind will show you exactly how to delegate well, while holding on to the creative work that feed your soul.


TEach your craft

What if you could spin your genius into gold? Sounds like a fairy tale.

And yet, luminaries far and wide are doing just that by teaching others their craft. What do you need to consider before embarking on a learning-based revenue stream? We’re sorting through it all in this mastermind.

This program is uniquely designed for you to earn more than twice the cost of enrollment within the first three months of our work together as you design, create, and launch your learning-based revenue stream. 


Be the Only

Forget being the best, you are the only.

When you align who you are with how you make money, there is no competition. But, how do you strategically position your unique value? How do you calm the inner critic telling you that you’re ordinary instead of extraordinary?

In this mastermind, we'll find the clarity you need to define your contribution and expertise with precision.


Design your life

You are the chief designer your life.

That’s why we do this, isn’t it? Juggling our lives and our businesses, our families and our communities - we are choosing to have it all. But how do we maximize the design of our lives, the experience of our days, to reflect our values?


Create your revenue mix

Create commerce on your own terms.

Luminaries forge their own paths, like the many hustlers that came before us. How have you reimagined making money? How do you create revenue and experiment with new models? What are the current trends?


Be Exquisite

Bringing beauty into business. Can a business really be beautiful? And can a person develop her own sensibilities to beauty? How do you design your workspace to convey a sense of beauty - and how to recover when things get messy?


Foster Community

What does it take to thrive with your tribe? This week we are talking about fostering community. How do others do it? Why do some communities experience organic growth while others flounder? And how do you effectively  lead a community as a luminary?


Inspire Change

Five simple steps that you can follow to inspire change. Personal change is an inside job - we can all agree on that one, right? So, as a luminary, how do you inspire change in others in your business and your life? Is this even possible? Yes, here’s how.


Be Yourself

Knowing yourself vs. being yourself. Is there a difference between the two? What does it mean to know yourself (and how do we accomplish that)? What does being yourself entail? And how do we know where fall between the two?

Your investment begins at $20,000.

The Luminaries Program accepts 30 participants per year.  Click the link below to review applicant requirements and to apply for admission in 2018.

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