Introducing the Revenue Creation Lab

 Photo by  sean Kong  on  Unsplash

Photo by sean Kong on Unsplash

I started a school! (But....when I say that, I immediately think of Oprah and her Leadership Academy for Girls in South Africa. Okay, let me be clear. It's not that kind of a school.)

It's an online school where people of all ages can learn how to create revenue. And it's not necessarily designed to support you in the tactical steps to starting your business as much as in showing you how to transform your own personal genius into gold (which may or may not include starting a business for you).

  • Maybe you've been famous in family circles for your homemade strawberry jam and you're ready to take it to the local farmer's market.
  • Maybe you've always been a coach to your colleagues and friends but now you're ready to take on your first paying client.
  • Or maybe you've been successfully growing your service-based business for years and are looking for ways to scale while keeping your team small (or solo!). 

The Revenue Creation Lab has classes and resources to help you succeed at all of these - and more is coming!!

This week, I'm teaching a free, live online event that will focus on how to design a learning-based revenue stream.

I know what you're probably thinking: "Jeannie, what in the world is a learning-based revenue stream?"

Great question! It's when an expert (like you) teaches and sells a course, retreat, workshop, or other learning experience to bring in dollars. And you don't need to have a business in place already, but if you do - it's a great way to effectively break free of what I like to call the 1:1 client trap.

In this week's One-to-Many Masterclass, I'm going to walk you through:

  1. Finding the perfect and most profitable topic for you to teach,
  2. Identifying your teaching style so that you can design course that is fun to teach, and 
  3. Calculating potential earnings based on your course idea and format.

It's a preview to my latest group coaching program, Create Your Signature Course, that starts on March 19th. 

Are you interested in attending? Click here to double-check the date and time for this week's class. If you can't make it live - go ahead and sign up because I'll make the replay available the day after the session.

Click here to grab a spot in class!

A few notes for you :)

If you're wondering whether or not creating a learning-based revenue stream is a good move for you, check out my recent post Five Heartfelt Reasons to Share Your Genius.

Also, check out the Revenue Creation Lab! Inside you'll find a sample plan for my business boot camp class and Take Flight, my free 10-day email course design to help you make your first sale.