What Is Luminary Hustle?


This year I started an online community. It's called Luminary Hustle. If you're one of the amazing women who are in the community, you probably have an idea as to what it's all about. Even still, we get comments like "I'm still not sure where I am or what this is all about, but I'm glad I'm here!"

As I was having lunch with some co-workers a few weeks ago, one of them asked me: "So, Jeannie, what is Luminary Hustle all about?"

In that moment, I realized that while I had a clear picture of exactly what it was all about, the words for a clear and concise description in that moment escaped me. And, I began to wonder, how will I answer this question the next time it comes my way?

When I was considering names for this community, I went to directly to the source to see if what was on my heart reflected what was on my mind.

Did these words really mean what I felt they meant? Here's what the dictionary had to say (of course one of them was the urban dictionary, but that counts, right?)

Luminary: a person who inspires or influences others, especially one prominent in a particular sphere. (Synonyms: leading light, guiding light, inspiration, hero, role model, leader, expert, master)

Hustle: to have the courage, confidence, self belief, and self-determination to go out there and work it out until you find the opportunities you want in life.

Luminary Hustle is where meaning meets money, creativity inspires commerce, and being yourself brings in big bucks.

The framework is simple and is comprised of three essential elements: Earn Your Worth, Express Yourself, and Engage Your Ethos.

  • Earning Your Worth is a result of managing your money mindset, creating a revenue mix (more than one stream of income), and owning the differentiation that comes when you realize that when your business is based on who you are - there is no competition.

  • Expressing Yourself is the part of Luminary Hustle that includes creative cross-training, designing your days for maximum creativity and productivity, and sharing your brilliance by way of a course, blog, podcast or book.

  • Engaging Your Ethos is where your work in the world finds meaning by making a difference, being yourself, and persisting in your passion.

In our community, we encourage and support each other in creating a life and business that lights us up! This month, we're reading a book by Rachel Hollis about accepting ourselves and sharing our stories. Every week, we set goals to pull us forward into our big dreams. Want to join us? Come on in!

If you're ready to create a change in your life or your business, here are a few opportunities to help you get there:

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