What Do 54.3% of Luminaries Have in Common?


Welcome to summer! Although the official first day isn't until Friday, but let's get started a little early, shall we? (Bring on the Frose, please!)

Today I want to talk about being ourselves - and bringing all of that shine to our business endeavors. Learning how to be yourself is something that some women have never had to think about.

In fact, 21.6% of you report "I know exactly who I am and I'm true to myself daily," according to our new member survey.

But, I must confess. I am not one of them. In fact, back when I was starting my coaching certification in 2008, my peer coach gave me an assignment that nearly made me quit the program. She gave me two daunting tasks to complete before our following session:

  1. Pretend you have three days completely to yourself, make a list of how you'd like to spend them (no chores or taking care of others allowed on the list).

  2. Make a list of ten reasons why someone would want to spend time with you.

At the time, I was a single parent of two very active little boys, working full-time, in coaching school at night and I couldn't even imagine three days to myself. Ever. And I certainly had no idea what I'd spend my time doing if it wasn't work, parenting, or school. 

But (if I'm being a little MORE honest), I couldn't even remember a time when I truly felt like - YES, this is ME! I'd always been a chameleon, shifting and changing to match the scenery, to blend in. I liked to go with the flow, not make a fuss: "I'll eat wherever you want to eat."

I imagined that was why people would want to spend time with me. I made it easy on them. (Or so I thought!)

Flash forward to all these years later, and I'm learning about the Enneagram. I'm pretty sure I'm a 9 - the peacemaker who sometimes forgets herself. I've spent most of the last decade trying to not just remember who I am, but become myself for the first time it seems.

But I'm not alone.

According to our new member survey, 54.3% of luminaries say they are "starting to remember who they are and learning more everyday," while 18.1% of luminaries "have completely forgotten who they are and can't even remember a time when you knew."

Here's a little bit of what you can expect to see happening in our community to help foster your you-ness!

Book Club
We're reading one by Danielle LaPorte that helped me remember who I was many years ago called The Desire Map. Your task if you choose it: Read the book and post your five core desired feelings to the group before July 4th!

A Thinksheet for You!
I'm also including a fun little thinksheet I created on writing your authentic bio - I invite you to create yours and post it in our community for some feedback and encouragement. You can download it here.

A Summer Sale
If you've been wondering how to spin your genius into gold, now may be the perfect time to package your special sauce into a group or online program. You can get 60% off Create Your Signature Course between now and Friday, June 21st when it goes into the vault. Register here and use discount code SUMMER19 to save big bucks!

P.S. Are you the kind of person who loves extra credit?!? Me too! This one's for all the former teacher's pets out there: Post YOUR answers to #1 and #2 above in our online community by Friday, June 21st. I'll draw a name from all the responses to win a super-special-secret-surprise!

P.P.S. Have you taken our member survey yet? It's completely anonymous and helps me gather ideas for our group. Click here add your insight to the mix :)