Leverage your genius to enlighten and earn.


    You are already working in your genius. 

    Otherwise, you wouldn’t be running a successful coaching practice or creative business. You wouldn’t be inspired to show up everyday to clients who thrive on your contribution. I want to help you reach more clients, earn more revenue, and change more lives.

    Luminaries is a mastermind for coaches and creatives who are committed to designing learning experiences that truly transform lives and significantly increase earnings.

    In this mastermind, you will design a learning program that allows you to:

    • Transform more lives (reach more clients with programs that scale while still inspiring change)
    • Earn more revenue (design online programs and certification options that maintain your brand integrity)
    • Enjoy more freedom (structure your learning-based revenue to support the lifestyle you long for)

    What if you could...

    • Package up what you know and do into a signature process, one that you could then teach others time after time?

    • Charge more for what you know and get paid for it, by standing out in a noisy world of numerous online course offerings?
    • Overcome your teaching fears, learn your course creation style, and design a learning experience you can't wait to facilitate? 
    • Earn back 100% (or more!) of your investment while you are in the program?
    • Build a sustainable learning-based revenue stream that could bring six-figures into your life and business year after year?

    Meet Jessica

    Recently, I helped Jessica, a Wedding Planner and Stylist, add learning to her revenue mix. It created freedom for her to spend more time with her growing family, while still doing the work she loves (and making money!). But, I'll let her tell you the story...

    The LUMINARIES philosophy is simple:


    Distill your genius into the essentials your learners require to achieve their goals.

    Ignite curiosity to engage learners in discovery and overcome resistance.

    Inspire change by activating their drive and measuring progress.

    Every aspect of this mastermind is designed around these three elements that will help you leverage your genius to enlighten and earn.


    I needed an understanding of how to generate a workshop—and my goals were met and exceeded. The content of Jeannie’s workshop building course is incredible, and the most tangible activity I have participated in to date. Working with Jeannie, I realized that workshops are really to key to my marketing plan. The revenue opportunities are incredible and the effort is minimal. The group interaction with the other members of the course also confirmed my strong belief in capitalizing on group interaction for future connections.

    I can now use what I learned to build many workshops for my coaching repertoire, I will continue to hone my first workshop. Jeannie hung the moon! This was the perfect mix of teaching, group interaction, homework, and feedback, bundled into a nice package.
    — Michelle Doss | The Doss Group

    Why this mastermind?

    I’m not here to sell you on the LUMINARIES mastermind. You're a smart, successful business owner who makes decisions all the time. And the question I bet you're already asking yourself is this one: “How much time and money will this take, and what will I get back in return?”


    Your total commitment. Creating a six-figure learning-based revenue stream is a big project. I’ve done it. And I’ve built hundreds of programs for organizations, entrepreneurs and Fortune 500 companies. It requires clarity, courage, creativity, and constant action toward your goal.

    A time investment. No one knows what you know. And no one can say it the way that you can. I’ll help you design a strategy and create a framework for your learning program. But you are the only one who can fill that framework with your genius. Once built, your program will yield enlightenment and earnings for years to come.

    A financial investment. The cost of this mastermind is not cheap, but if you follow the program, you’ll be set to earn back at least 100% of your investment while you are in the program (not to mention ongoing revenue potential). How? I'll show you exactly how to host a paid, pilot version of your workshop, retreat or course during our 12 weeks together.


    A clear strategy for your learning program. During your first two weeks in the program, we’ll have a 90-minute strategy session to distill your genius and map out a strategy for your signature learning program.

    Ongoing coaching and classes. Together with a small cohort of other like-minded course creators, we’ll meet up for online classes, office hours, and coaching sessions. Each one is recorded for future reference so that you don't miss out when other responsibilities require your attention. Throughout the program (and as an alumni), you’ll be part of an online community with opportunities for ongoing support.

    Attend a 3-day workshop. You'll join me, along with the other coaches and creatives in your cohort for a workshop to master the art of learning engagement and course creation.

    Evergreen learning engagement techniques. You’ll learn how to ignite curiosity through questioning, discovery and resistance to keep your learners engaged in your course, workshop, or live event. Your program will  skillfully inspire change by providing clarity and activating your learners' drive to evolve.

    Access to the experts. During your time in the program you'll meet and learn from the best in the industry: copywriters, designers, to media production professionals. 

    A profitable, recurring learning-based revenue stream, if you are willing to follow the process and do the work.

    If that doesn’t feel like a fit, no problem. But if you think the benefits seem worthwhile, connect to learn more below. 


      You're looking for a close community of other coaches and creatives who are as committed to client transformation and increased revenues as you are.

      You are willing to invest your time, money, and personal genius to design a learning-based revenue stream that will provide client transformation and increased revenues for years to come.

      You are committed to charging a fee for your learning program that truly reflects the value of your genius and their results. And you’re willing to run a pilot and an initial offering within the 12-week mastermind.

      You want to earn more money, enjoy more time, and enlighten more people but you have no clear plan how to accomplish the goal.


        You are in the process of creating your business. (Don’t worry, I have another program launching soon that will help you get there. But this isn’t it.)

        You’ve invested in other masterminds before and you didn’t do the work, show up for the coaching, or engage with the other participants.

        You aren’t willing to charge a price for your programs that aligns to the real value of your genius and the transformation it creates for your clients.


        About Jeannie

        Jeannie is an entrepreneur, strategist, and coach whose expertise in learning, passion for adventure, and endless optimism inspires clients and classrooms with a sense of possibility. Jeannie believes that there is a learner and a teacher in all of us if we are willing to distill our genius for the sake of transformation.

        In 2010, Jeannie left her corporate gig to launch a coaching and consulting practice in Columbia, South Carolina where she lives with her two teenage sons and labradoodle. Her corporate clients include a long list of Fortune 500 companies, as well as creative entrepreneurs, fellow coaches, and professional consultants.