Would you rather have more money or more time?

I've got good news for you - you don't have to choose.

I know what you're thinking... 🙄 

Because right now, you're crazy busy managing your business and meeting clients one-on-one. All this might be worth it if you didn't have to worry about money -- but the reality is that you need to earn more.

But how? You're already squeezing every possible moment out of your day to see clients, then you're taking what little energy you have left home to your family.

What if I told you there's a better way?

When you distill your genius into a signature course, you'll have more money and more time while establishing yourself as a luminary in your field.

I'll show you how to design a group experience that fosters the real transformation your individual clients have come to expect from you, so that you can build your credibility as you scale.

Even if you've thought of creating a course before, but quickly got overwhelmed, this training is for you! 

Let me show you exactly how to create a profitable course.


Your Perfect Topic

Find the perfect topic for your course with my three favorite, idea-popping questions

Technology Toolkit

Identify the best tools and technology for your unique course creation style

Revenue Roadmap

Take the mystery out of pricing and map out a clear path to making money

Hi, I’m Jeannie!

With over 20 years of experience designing courses for Fortune 500 corporations, Jeannie's excited to share her expertise with professionals, coaches, and creatives to help them add learning-based revenue to scale the businesses they already love.